Track Your Everyday Physical Activity

Walking as a daily physical activity provides for some great health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, greater bone density and a reduction in cholesterol levels. However, are you walking enough to obtain those benefits? Using a pedometer while walking will help you track your progress by counting the actual number of steps you take.

These devices sense your movement to keep track of your steps. They count any motion that mimics stepping, such as running, stair climbing, cross country skiing, and regular daily movement. They simply clip onto a waistband or tuck into a pocket. At the end of the day, you can check your total tally of steps. Tracking your success gives you great motivation and accountability to keep stepping towards greater health.

Step counters span a wide range of prices and features. They come in two basic varieties: those with a mechanical sensor, and those with an electronic sensor. The mechanical variety tends to be less expensive, although they are slightly less accurate. In order to purchase the device best suited to your individual needs, check for the following features:

Establish a Baseline Activity Level

This type of athletic gadget gives instant feedback about your activity level. It serves as a strong reminder to keep moving, and it can track your progress over time. In order to start a new program, you will need to determine your current level of daily activity. Wear your new pedometer an entire day while sticking to a normal schedule. At the end of the day, log the number of steps you took. Do this for several days in order to average your total steps per day. This will give you a personal activity baseline. People with average levels of activity take approximately 5000 to 7,499 steps per day. Highly active people frequently take more than 12,500 steps per entire day.

Use these instructions to make the best use of your tool in a daily activity program:

Always consult your physician prior to starting a new activity regimen, especially if you have existing health issues, have been previously inactive, or are overweight. Whatever your fitness plans, take them one step at a time. Set realistic goals based on your fitness level and any health issues you may have. Use your pedometer to track your progress in a fun, interesting and challenging way. Increased health and better fitness can be steps away.